Change log
2.0.5 (8/3/2021)
  • Added field for mandatory phone number
2.0.4 (12/17/2020)
  • features for the purpose of dispensing of identification cards
  • connection to the call system
  • PIN code generation
  • option to set test for an action
  • option to set sms notifications
  • export of terms within the division of actions
  • summary of signed up users within the division of actions for a selected day
  • added notification regarding a cancelled slot that was reserved by an user
  • option to set the capacity of the term to 0 and thus prevent further reservations
  • bulk setting of capacity of slots on a selected day
  • option to set a possibility to make more active reservations for a given event
  • ption to add name and description in English
  • option to set how many minutes before the beginning of the slot can user make a reservation
2.0.3 (11/20/2020)
  • Edited slot displaying for users
2.0.2 (5/11/2020)
  • edited email notification format
  • added information about a nearest availabe slot if there is not slot available in the current month
  • added email notification to common users in Portal
  • added option of availability of action to all employees of an selected org. unit to the creation and editing of the event
2.0.1 (9/18/2020)
  • Added option to unite separate actions into divisions
2.0.0 (8/28/2020)
  • complete rework of the application
  • added new components for action administration
  • new options for export
  • easier display option of signed-up users
  • added option to view action as a common user
  • division of terms into weeks and days
  • whole weeks can be copied and deleted, whole days can be deleted
1.0.7 (4/24/2020)
  • action administrator can add a participant manually either using Portal ID, by which the action will be paired with the participant's account and the participant will receive a notification e-mail, or by entering participants name, but the action will not be paired with the participants account and no notification e-mail will be sent
  • action administrator can unsubscribe user from the slot
1.0.6 (4/22/2020)
  • action administartor can edit URL to the event
1.0.5 (2/17/2020)
  • added Contact person item in new actions
1.0.4 (4/2/2020)
  • added the option to display the created action for all employees or students
  • display of the available actions
  • display of actions the user has enrolled to
1.0.3 (5/1/2020)
  • added enrollment and unsubscribe confirmation window
  • simplified event link
1.0.2 (8/7/2019)
  • edited view of slots of the actions – only recent slots are displayed to users by default, action administrators can browse through past actions
  • action administrators can set up if they want to receive email notifications if an user signs up / sings off to a slot
1.0.1 (6/27/2019)
  • complete aplication redesing
  • advanced action administration